An overview of what happened on PREMINT.

May 2022

You can now connect a minting wallet and a holdings wallet to PREMINT! FINALLY.

April 2022

It's bullshit when you win a spot on an allowlist but it sells out before you mint. It also sucks to not sell out your drop. So, let's just make this…
We’re moving to a new contract. Your old pass will continue to work without interruption.
Here's a quick guide on the best ways to create an offer for PREMINT Collector Pass holders.
PREMINT now makes it easy to flag bad actors and ban them from getting on your allowlist.

February 2022

We've been quietly building the largest access list platform in web3. Here's what's new.

December 2021

It’s been a busy December so far for PREMINT. We’ve had some massive launches, including XCOPY, Coldie, Farohk/Rug Radio, Steve Aoki, and…

November 2021

With the latest update to PREMINT, a project admin can add teammates to manage the list, password protect their project page, and manually…
Now, when you log into PREMINT, you will have the opportunity to see all the lists you’ve joined. Additionally, you can delete your entry…
Release Notes: November 7, 2021
Release Notes: October 31, 2021